Tanoaria Josafer Lda.

Speyside Distillery Managing Director, travelled to the Douro Valley region of Portugal, working closely with the Fernandes Family at Tanoaria Josafer Lda as introduced by Dr Jim Swan, to source the finest port casks for Beinn Dubh.

The team at Tanoaria Josafer Lda demonstrated the various techniques that go into crafting the Ruby Port. This offered unique insight into the art of cooperage and explained how the casks give Beinn Dubh its Ruby Black colour.


1st on the left – Jose Antonio Fernandes – Chairman (Father)
2nd from the Left – Patricia Dillon M.D. Speyside Distellery
2nd from the right – Filipe Octavio Fernandes – General Manager (Son)
1st on the right – Dr Sandra Fernandes – Head of Quality (Daughter)

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