Dr Jim Swan Whisky Expert

Dr Jim Swan

Whisky Expert

We are most fortunate in having world renowned Dr. Jim Swan to guide us pair our cask management to enable us to achieve this very different Scotch. Dr Jim Swan described the Ruby Black as:


“…Aromas of fresh fruits mingle with sultanas and black raisins that open up in layers, eventually revealing a deeper darker side. In the taste this darker side dominates at first, with currants and rich black chocolate being foremost. Then both bitterness and sweetness present themselves in equal proportions gradually fading into a long finish…”

How To Taste

Advice from the Scotch Whisky Association
What to taste? There are many ways to approach a Scotch Whisky tasting, for example, tasting whiskies of different ages, from different regions, or those matured in different casks. This is all part of the fun and discovery.