Thunder In The Glens with Harley Davidson

  The Ruby Black single malt Whisky Beinn Dubh was unveiled to over 3,000 motorbike enthusiasts who gathered in Aviemore in the Cairngorms – the home of the tiny boutique distillery – for the annual Thunder in the Glens event. Speyside Distillery CEO John Harvey McDonough says there was no better platform to launch Beinn … Continued

Tanoaria Josafer Lda.

Speyside Distillery Managing Director, travelled to the Douro Valley region of Portugal, working closely with the Fernandes Family at Tanoaria Josafer Lda as introduced by Dr Jim Swan, to source the finest port casks for Beinn Dubh. The team at Tanoaria Josafer Lda demonstrated the various techniques that go into crafting the Ruby Port. This offered unique … Continued